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It’s time to upgrade for a modern HR & Payroll Software. Now, automate HR works, error-free payroll calculations, & easily achieve actionable insights.


Payroll & HR Software that every Business needs!

Adopt the automation trend with extraordinary features to stay ahead of the market curve. Features we offer

Automating every payroll chores. Stay on-time and compliant!
Have track of every expense, loan, advances and assets too!

Manage employees’ timing, attendance, and leaves precisely and error-free. 

Spend less on mundane tasks and focus more on strategy and management. 

Smart tool to manage employee database, works, productivity & efficiency.

Create better days for new hires from the start and easy onboard.

2Grow HR makes every HR into Strategic HR

Attendance & Leave
Manage employees' timing, attendance, and leaves precisely and error-free.
Employee Database Management
Smart tool to manage your employee’s works, productivity and efficiency to realise company’s goals.
Claims & Assets
Track your claims, reimbursements and company’s assets given to the employees’ in a single click!
Onboarding & Recruitment
Successful and easy onboarding and recruitment plans, configurable for all industries and business types.

Recognitions Keep Us Up & Running

Industries we are into

Fits the needs of every industry...

Here are the Industries we have catered to so far
Hassle-free HR & Payroll management of both white and blue collar employees in the pharmaceutical companies.
Enhanced productivity of on-field employees and seamless recording of data with full-fledged HRM software in manufacturing enterprises.
Fully integrated employee-centric software that supports centralized and remotely accessible storage of employee information, both on-field and off-field.
Simplified complex compliance and audit processes by onboarding customized HRM and payroll systems in banks and financial services.
Efficient handling of employees’ salaries and meeting the expectations of the hospital staff and authorities in healthcare centers.
Robust Payroll software to minimize paperwork and standardize several processes in the IT & white collar service companies.
Streamlined payroll processing and performance management of teaching staff with cutting-edge software.
Automated software for the FMCG industry that comes with advanced and custom-made features to manage attendance and various other processes accurately.

Connect with all of your Apps!

All-in-one platform by integrating with all your much needed Applications. Get every insights and reports fall in 2Grow HR.

Pricing for all types of business!

Software Packages

Cutting-Edge Features At Best Prices

Get your 2GrowHR software at the most competent prices and redefine your payroll & HRM management.  

true value for customers

Standard Plan

Rs. 35 per user/month

Use every feature with no limit on listed features. 

untapped growth lever

Premium Plan

Rs. 50 per user/month

Unlimited features, intuitive admin controls and detailed activity analysis for your entire company. 

One stop solution

Seamless Integrations

Depends on the company requirement

Easy and seamless integration to fuel your business efficiency. 

Ready to start digitalizing your Payroll & HR works?

2Grow HR for all your business needs!

What Makes Us Choose Worthy?

Unlock your employees’ productivity, business success, and overall efficiency with 2Grow HR. Streamline and automate your HR and payroll processes, and  focus on the business goal with our user-friendly and industry specific software. Why wait? Take your first step towards bringing happiness to your business. 

Here’s what makes us people’s choice:

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