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Manage your Expenses & Assets easily!

One software that fits all business types! 

Obtain control over all expenses, reimbursements, claims, and approvals with in – change  2Grow HR.

Assign assets, track and monitor asset location, and make easy exit settlement possible with 2Grow HR. 

Expense management

Save your time & focus on tasks

Enable your employees to effortlessly submit their expenses and claim their reimbursements with our 2Grow HR application. Examine, monitor and track the claims and approvals all pertain to employee expenditure.

Additionally, employees can get information about the claims approval process and if their claims were accepted or refused. 

Asset management

Manage Assets Effectively!!

Assign the assets of the company to the employees, track and monitor the location of the assets with the 2Grow HR application. Easy exit with a settlement policy to return all corporate assets upon employees’ termination.

Asset management helps the management learn about the company’s assets while allowing the HR staff to manage them with ease. 

Manage your Expenses & Assets easily!

The management can easily monitor, analyse, and approve the expenses that the employees have filed.

In 2Grow HR, employees can quickly learn about their expenditure approval procedures, phases, and whether a claim has been authorised or denied. 

Managers can quickly obtain reports on spending, claims, authorised claims, etc. via 2GrowHR and use them to make informed decisions. 

With the 2GrowHR platform, admins can simply obtain information on the company’s asset, the allocated employee, and the asset’s location. 

Employees can easily exit the company after being terminated and turn in any assets that were handed to them, such as mobile phones, laptops, SIM cards, and other items. 

With the help of the 2GrowHR application, administrators and organisations can simply track their asset spending and keep an eye out for excessive spending. 

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