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Digitalise the
time-consuming paperwork

Give the access key to your employees too! Empower your employees through ESS mobile apps and give them access to custom fields, approvals, personal data addition, etc. to keep the flow easy and seamless. They can  

Turn  to  Modern Employee Self-Service Portal to Enhance Employee Experience!!

Turn  to  Modern Employee Self-Service Portal to Enhance Employee Experience!!

Drive performance with employee-focused approach

Access almost all the features of ESS with the web app. ESS features enable employees to change their contact details, personal details, documents and many more core functions of Human Resource Management. Web application enables employees to 

Give employees access without any worries!

Employees in 2Grow HR with custom-level access can change their personal data while also being restricted to the sensitive information of the firm. This keeps the company’s data secure while allowing the HR professional to save time and money.

Features you get in admin ESS portal: 

Turn  to  Modern Employee Self-Service Portal to Enhance Employee Experience!!


Make your Employees more noticeable!!

Check on the highlights!

Employee self-service portals give employees access to an all-in-one portal where they may view personal information, payroll and payslips, documents, loan information, and alter any custom-field access that has been authorised to them. 

Employees can easily submit their expenses and claims through 2GrowHR‘s ESS portal by uploading an expense copy and submitting it through the mobile app or web app.They can log in to view pending, approved, and declined requests no matter where they are. Additionally, managers can instantly accept or reject expense claims submitted by their teams. 

Through the ESS portal of 2Grow HR, employees can quickly view their check-in and check-out timings, attendance, and leaves. They can easily request or apply leave to their higher authorities in a single click. Managers can either accept or decline the leave submitted by the employee. 

In a document library section of the self-service portal,  admins can check documents related to loans, TDS, and expenses, etc. Admins share documents with a specific team or with the entire workforce. 

Maintain your employee database with a single click! Admin self-service portals enable them to modify employee details and see the employee’s availability in the office. They can also view the projects, teams, and workflows with a single click. 

Through 2Grow HR’s ESS portal, employees can view their performance and productive time in their mobile or web application. Admins and managers can also view reports and comprehensive analysis of the performance of the teams or the entire workforce. 

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