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“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing”, says Miles Davis.

We are all familiar with the concept of attendance from our time in school. But that’s not something that’s easier when it comes to the workplace because of employee counts, shifts, overtime, permissions, etc. a

Data states that around 50% of the workforce has switched to remote-based working since the year 2019 because of COVID-19. Yes! To easily manage the workforce location, check-in and check-out timings, shift timings, etc., most companies have switched from traditional to modern attendance. 

Additionally, it makes it simple for HR departments to keep track of employees’ working hours while processing payroll. It entirely puts the businesses to stay ahead! 

Let’s examine how the 2GrowHR attendance management module aids in the efficient administration of the workforce for both HR teams and organisations. 

1. Comprehensive attendance policies

Never worry about switching between multiple job portals

Managing employee attendance is simple! Establish attendance policies such as clocking in and out, rotating multiple shifts, flexible working hours, weekends, permissions, and so on. With the 2GrowHR attendance module, the management can quickly learn the details of an employee’s working hours, work timings, overtime, etc. in a single click. 

2. Capture attendance anywhere and everywhere

All-in-one software for all your recruitment activities

Track and capture your employees’ attendance easily with GPS-based location tracking, selfie-based attendance, etc. With simple clock-in and clock-out procedures, managers can easily keep track of the working hours of both remote and on-site workers. This reduces time theft and makes management of employees easier. 

3. Payroll Inputs

Keep your entire team and the candidates informed!

Attendance plays an important role in the payroll process. The HR teams may readily obtain information about employee attendance, leaves, late entries, permissions, shift timings, etc., which makes it easier for them to process payroll. It helps minimise mistakes and miscalculations. 

4. Employee Empowerment

Recruit easily and effectively!

Employees can view their attendance, schedules, apply for leaves, and other information through the employee self-service site. Additionally, managers can easily approve leaves, monitor the daily attendance of the team members, and perform other tasks. The HR staff can simply monitor employee attendance and late-entry regularisation prior to payroll processing.. 

5. Reports and Analysis

Recruit easily and effectively!

Reports in a second! The management and HR teams can obtain reports on employee attendance and use those reports and analytics to make well-informed decisions. One of the most important and worrying elements for the organisation is absenteeism, late entry, etc. This is something that management can quickly detect and rectify. 

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