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Do you believe that managing a payroll takes a lot of time from your HR team? Do you fear that the state’s laws can be confusing at times when paying salaries? Do you worry that the penalty for violating the law is going out of your pocket? 

If the answer is yes, you’re either manually calculating payroll or using out-of-date payroll software. 

Looking for an alternative or concerned about which software works best for your business and streamlines the challenging process? . 

Let’s look at how 2GrowHR’s cloud-based applications will simplify the process of salary payments and payroll operations. 

1. Automate as many tasks as you want

Never worry about switching between multiple job portals

Do you believe that HR teams’ productive time is being wasted by performing repetitive payroll processes? The HR team wastes about a week of each month processing payroll. Yes! It’s time to automate it with the ideal payroll software. With the help of 2GrowHR software, businesses can quickly perform payrolls, select salary templates, and share payslips with the employees. This enables the HR teams to execute payroll without error and concentrate more on improving company efficiency. 

2. Calculations made easy

All-in-one software for all your recruitment activities

Analysing all the components of a salary, like taxes, deductions, loans, etc., is one of the important processes in salary calculations. With the aid of 2GrowHR, businesses can create a payroll checklist that will help them stay organised and make sure all necessary payroll processing processes have been followed. According to state laws, businesses can add components and streamline them with ease. 

3. Expense calculations

Keep your entire team and the candidates informed!

Employees can easily upload their expenses through the employee self-service portal, which enables the managers to easily analyse and approve them. The approved expenses can be easily shared with the finance staff, and they can include them in the payroll software to facilitate processing without mistakes or miscalculations. 

4. Safety features

Recruit easily and effectively!

In addition to payroll operations, it’s crucial to protect data privacy and security by implementing necessary access controls, data backup plans, disaster recovery methods, record retrieval, etc. This enables organisations to recover all information and data in the event of a data loss. 

5. Stay updated from everywhere

Recruit easily and effectively!

The HR team adheres to payroll procedures, but employees also place a high value on these procedures. According to the report, when a payroll issue lasts for two months, employees begin to hunt for new employment. Yes! But with the help of the 2GrowHR ESS portal, employees can quickly check their payslips, leave balances, attendance, etc. and can quickly report any errors. This enables the organisations to stay organised and up-to-date in all spheres. 

It is clear from the aforementioned characteristics that 2GrowHR software enables businesses to simplify the payroll process, including salary payments and payslip generation.  

Never let anything go unnoticed.

Choose the best software, choose 2GrowHR!

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