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In the world where first impressions are everything, never let your new hires feel the opposite.

Statistically, 11% of workers decide against accepting a job offer after committing to a contract. Also, it makes sense that companies are under pressure to do onboarding right because it is projected that it will cost around one-third of a worker’s yearly salary to replace one employee. 

The fact is, however, that a new hire’s retention depends heavily on their experience during onboarding. And only 12% of employees, according to a survey, strongly felt that their company does an excellent job onboarding new employees. 

From the above statistics, it’s clear that employee retention is directly related to their onboarding experiences, and it’s time to revamp every company’s onboarding process.

In order to better understand what makes an onboarding programme so effective from both the employer’s and the employee’s perspectives, you can ensure that your new hires are motivated and engaged from the start by laying the groundwork for their success.  

In this article, we want to make sure you recognise how crucial a successful onboarding process is to retaining great employees. 

1. Digital submission of documents

Never worry about switching between multiple job portals

The to-do list can begin to grow even before the first day for the new-hires. With so much paperwork, new software to learn, and colleagues to get to know during onboarding, there can be a steep learning curve for new employees 

Yes! Make sure your new hires turn in their paperwork before their first day on the job so they can concentrate on learning about the business, the team, their tasks, and the culture. This lets the HR team get their work virtually without having to wade through a lot of physical copies and keep them safe, allowing the employees to be less anxious about the first procedure. 

2. Establishing a Communication Strategy

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It’s important to have a great beginning with the new employee. Making a virtual joining countdown for the new workers and informing your teams about the hires could greatly thrill them. To help them develop a good attitude and mentality towards the organisation, share with them information about the workplace culture, employee experiences with the business, etc. 

With the help of our 2GrowHR onboarding module, HR employees can quickly communicate all of this information and provide the new hire a wonderful virtual onboarding experience. This allows the HR team to concentrate more on business strategies to increase productivity while also saving a significant amount of time and money for the organisation. 

3. Keep a track of their work

Keep your entire team and the candidates informed!

With our 2GrowHR – HR and Payroll software, you can easily assess the new employees’ performance, KT process, etc., and determine their level of productivity. At the conclusion of their probationary period, the managers can evaluate their performance, discuss their insights with them, and, based on their level of productivity and efficiency at work, they can promote them to permanent employment. 

Onboarding employees virtually can be more efficient than onboarding in person with the right software. Like with the conventional onboarding process, you can still introduce new hires to your corporate culture, walk them through the technology, schedule meetings, etc. The difference is that all of these tasks are now completed online. 

Consider putting the aforementioned solutions into practice to address your employee onboarding issues so that your company can create a thorough and efficient employee onboarding procedure and provide new hires a positive onboarding experience. 

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