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Easily post the job vacancies in various recruiting channels, source the potential candidates, and quickly hire skilled personnel with our 2GrowHR application. Yes! Integrate all of the recruitment portals with our 2GrowHR software, post job openings, collect all of the resumes, sort 


Still using various recruitment portals to get the right talent for your company? Concerned about losing skilled personnel and worried about a huge database to go through to hire a potential candidate for your business? 

If your answer is yes, 

It’s time to shift your company’s recruitment approach from conventional to digital methods. 

Yes! Integrate all of the recruitment portals with our 2GrowHR software, post job openings, collect all of the resumes, sort them, and quickly hire qualified applicants. Improve the efficiency of your entire HR team by instantly updating the candidates and keeping them informed on a single platform. 

Learn more about how we can revolutionize your hiring process with our recruitment module. 

1. Integrate with the hiring platforms

Never worry about switching between multiple job portals

Effortlessly integrate all of your hiring sites, such as Naukri, LinkedIn, Indeed, Company’s career page, etc., using the 2GrowHR recruitment module and post job openings. This posted job position will appear on all hiring sites, saving the HR team’s time from having to visit each one and post there. 

2. Candidate Sourcing

All-in-one software for all your recruitment activities

The candidates can submit applications for the position, and all of the resumes will be sent immediately to the 2GrowHR software pipeline. This makes it simple for the HR staff to review or group resumes according to the qualifications and requirements of the designation. And with only one click, they may effortlessly send all the qualified resumes to the higher officials or the decision-making authorities.

3. Application Tracking

Keep your entire team and the candidates informed!

With the help of our 2GrowHR – recruiting module, you can effortlessly update the status of a candidate’s profile from application selection to assignment scores to final selection. The traditional approach requires a lot of time to thoroughly inform candidates, and it often results in the loss of strong candidates owing to improper information sharing, poor communication, etc. All candidates perceive information about the hiring process with the help of our application, which keeps them informed at all times.  

4. Speeds up the recruitment cycle

Recruit easily and effectively!

The HR department can quickly keep track of potential applicants as they move through the pipeline. This makes it possible for management to make choices effectively and quickly. This lets the HR team use their efficiency in a constructive way and helps management save time and resources. 

From online job posting to making a final offer, our recruitment module keeps track of all the hiring activities while providing detailed insight into the progress and status of candidates. 

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